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Audio to Score  – Transcribe your Music!

Revolutionizing Audio to Sheet Music Conversion

Audio to Score - Transcribe your Music to Notation
Audio to Score – Transcribe your Music to Notation

AudioScore Ultimate is a groundbreaking software that has transformed the way musicians and composers transcribe audio tracks into precise and digital sheet music. With its advanced features and cutting-edge technology, AudioScore has become an essential tool for artists looking to convert their audio recordings into professional-quality scores. In this article, we will explore the various capabilities of AudioScore and how it has revolutionized the process of converting audio to sheet music.

The Power of AudioScore  – Transcribe your Music

Music Transcription Made Easy

One of the primary purposes of AudioScore is to change audio signals (wave, mp3, cd-audio, microphone…) into standard music notation, focusing primarily on pitch and rhythm.
Whether it’s a live microphone performance, a line input, or an audio file in formats such as AIFF, WAV, or MP3, AudioScore can seamlessly transcribe the musical elements into a score. This powerful software analyzes every detail of the music, presenting it in precise pitch and rhythm notation.

Polyphonic Transcription

AudioScore’s standout feature is its ability to handle polyphonic transcription. It can accurately identify and transcribe multiple overlapping notes, making it ideal for transcribing complex musical compositions. With up to 16 instruments or notes playing simultaneously, AudioScore can convert each note into multiple staves, with up to four voices per staff. This allows musicians to capture the nuances of their performances and create new versions of their music using MIDI instruments of their choice.

Wide Range of Recognition

AudioScore boasts an impressive range of recognition, making it suitable for various musical styles and instruments. It can recognize a wide array of music performed by non-percussion instruments, from solo and chamber music to jazz and pop. With a pitch recognition range spanning from F0 to C8, AudioScore accurately transcribes all pitches within this extensive range. It can also identify the instrument performing each note and transcribe notes and rests as short as a 32nd note.

Seamless Integration and Compatibility

AudioScore offers seamless integration with popular music software such as Sibelius, Finale, Encore Notation and Dorico. Users can directly send their transcribed scores to Sibelius or save them as MusicXML and MIDI files for use in other music softwares. This compatibility ensures that musicians can effortlessly incorporate their transcribed music into their preferred music software and continue their creative process without any interruptions.

Unlocking the Potential of AudioScore

Capturing and Editing Transcribed Scores

Once the audio has been captured and transcribed by AudioScore, users can explore a range of editing options to refine their scores. Notes can be transposed, copied, cut and pasted, allowing for precise adjustments. Durations can be changed, and notes can even slide up or down in pitch by two semitones. Additionally, AudioScore provides the option to add vibrato to a note, adding expressive elements to the transcribed music.

Instant Graphical Feedback

AudioScore offers instant graphical feedback, allowing musicians to visualize their performance and identify areas for improvement. This feature is particularly beneficial for those who may not have extensive musical training. By providing real-time pitch recognition and graphical representations of the performance, AudioScore empowers users to enhance their skills and refine their musicality.

Mic-to-Score: A Unique Innovation

One of the standout features of AudioScore is its Mic-to-Score automatic notation. This feature allows users to create musical scores by singing or playing into their computers using only a microphone. It eliminates the need for prior musical knowledge, making it accessible to beginners and experienced musicians alike. With Mic-to-Score, musicians can effortlessly transform their vocal or instrumental performances into notated sheet music.

MIDI File-to-Score Converter

AudioScore’s MIDI File-to-Score Converter is another valuable feature that streamlines the process of creating printable scores. By opening MIDI files in AudioScore, users can automatically generate high-quality scores ready for printing. This feature is particularly useful for musicians who work with MIDI files and want to convert them into readable sheet music for further editing and arrangement.

Quick Score Creation

Even without prior musical training, AudioScore empowers users to create scores with ease. The software can “serve” a set of notes, allowing users to quickly split, join, resize, and adjust the pitch on a performance level. This intuitive approach to score creation ensures that musicians can focus on their creative ideas without getting caught up in technicalities.

MIDI-to-Score Automatic Notation

AudioScore also supports the use of MIDI input devices, such as keyboards, for the creation of musical scores. This feature, available in the Windows version, provides musicians with an additional method to input their musical ideas into the software. By connecting a MIDI input device, users can directly play their compositions and have them automatically notated in AudioScore.

The Specifications of AudioScore

AudioScore boasts impressive specifications that make it a must-have tool for musicians and composers. The software can open polyphonic MP3s and CD tracks, locating up to 16 notes or instruments playing simultaneously. It creates notation for up to four voices per staff and two staves per instrument. With its real-time pitch recognition range spanning from F0 to C8, AudioScore ensures accurate transcription of a wide range of musical compositions.


AudioScore Ultimate has revolutionized the way musicians transcribe audio tracks into precise and digital sheet music. With its advanced features, polyphonic transcription capabilities, and seamless integration with popular music software, AudioScore has become an indispensable tool for musicians and composers worldwide. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned musician, AudioScore empowers you to transform your audio recordings into professional-quality scores, unlocking a world of creative possibilities. Embrace the power of AudioScore and elevate your music to new heights.

Additional Information:

AudioScore is the ultimate audio-to-sheet music converter software, allowing musicians to convert their MP3 files, music CDs, and live performances into accurate and digital sheet music. With its advanced transcription capabilities and numerous features, AudioScore is the go-to music transcription software for musicians and composers. Whether you’re an aspiring musician or a professional composer, AudioScore provides the tools you need to transform your audio recordings into precise and editable sheet music.

Where to buy AudioScore

AudioScore Transcribe Music to Notation
AudioScore Transcribe Music to Notation

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