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Music software Transcribe

Transcribe! Music software

Transcribe for Windows

The Transcribe! software from “Seventh String Software” helps you to work out a piece of music from a music recording.
It does not do the complete transcribtion for you, but it can change pitch and speed instantly, and you can store and recall any number of named loops (a perfect features for practising music).

How can Transcribe! help you, to write down your music?

  • speed change
  • pitch change
  • slow down music without changing its pitch
  • analyse chords and show you what notes are present
  • adding markers and textual annotations
  • virtual piano keyboard to play reference notes
  • spectrum analysis

Video: Transcribe App Quick Start Guide

A two minutes quick start for the world’s most powerful music learning coach software “Transcribe”. A slow downer, karaoke maker, EQ, looper, song organizer. The best coach to learn music correctly – Transcribe App Quick Start Guide by Jennifer Batten. Standard YouTube License –

The software Transcribe! costs about US$ 39,- for a single copy license – depending on your location, local taxes will be added where applicable.

Order Transcribe for Windows

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There are also discounts available if you want to order more licenses of Transcribe for your school or any other organisation.

There is also a full Transcribe tutorial:

TRANSCRIBE Full Tutorial – worlds most powerful virtual music coach – Standard YouTube License –

Download Transcribe for Windows

Download Transcribe for Mac

Download Transcribe for Linux

If you want to use Transcribe not only for music files but also for your music videos, you need to install additional the free software “GStreamer” (on Linux you need to have GStreamer already installed or you can not run Transcribe! at all)